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[Changes with time]

1. Connecting: Introduce yourself and tell me why you want to connect
~There should always be a reason people are trying to connect to you. That reason needs to be stated clearly, whether it is just to be friends, related to my career or just a distant family member that wants to connect. Other questions can also be answered such as have we meet and what is your background.
2. Follow, add, friend: Only people I know
~I add friends based on a couple things. First I check if I know them and whether or not I would like to connect to them. If I don’t know them or can’t remember them, then I will look at common friends or check their back ground to see if I know them somehow.
3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: Limit everything
~I make my page on FACEBOOK so everyone can see it but I never put anything that I don’t want people to see. Some people try to make it so that only people close to them can see the full content of the page. I on the other hand make it so that everybody gets the same information about me and it is always limited information. I you want to get to know me at a deeper level than you just have to hang out with me.
4. Signal to noise: Update useful information
~Updates need to be limited around me. I don’t really want to know what you are doing every second of your life unless it is useful to me somehow. A great example of that is don’t tell me you are stuck in traffic, tell me you are stuck in traffic on I-75 and it is taking you a hour to go 10 miles. That information can be very usefully.
5. Personal data and sharing: Finding long lasting friends
~When I share information, I am looking for someone who shares my interest and likes to do the things I like to do. I also use it as a way to communicate long distances with people who don’t live near me. I also use it as a way to catch up to old friends and relatives. It is always a good chat what you are talking about old memories.
6. My networking needs and uses: Socialize and Educate
~FACEBOOK for me is just sharing pictures and chatting with friends. It is a means to socialize not really a learning environment. On the other hand twitter for me is a way I learn about new information and current events. I really don’t try to communicate in a social manner on twitter. Other than these two social media I really don’t use anything else.


Podcast: Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

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After going through thousand of podcast, I finally figured out how to play them on the computer. The podcast that I heard was Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! The episode that I did was Skateboarder Tony Hawk Plays ‘Not My Job’. Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is an hour-long weekly radio news quiz game show produced by Chicago Public Radio and National Public Radio. It is distributed by NPR in the United States and on the Internet through podcast. In this show they call a person up to the stage and after listening to a short quotation that person has to tell who said it. Listeners can participate by telephoning or sending e-mails to nominate themselves as contestants. The producers select several listeners for each show, and call them to appear on the program, playing various games featuring questions based on the week’s news. The games include Ask Carl, Carlbook, Who’s Carl This Time?, Bluff the Listener, An Internet Destination Called Carlslist, Listener Limerick Challenge, Not My Job, and Wait Wait… Television. In this episode, they played a game called Skateboarder Tony Hawk Plays ‘Not My Job’. In this game, they invite Tony Hawk. They were sure to point out that “skateboarding” is one of those fun things your mother wouldn’t let you do and they called up Hawk since he has spent his career horrifying the concerned mothers of America. In the show they play a game they called “Hey! You could put an eye out!” where they ask Hawk three questions about safety measures. This was a good podcast to listen to cause it keeps you updated in a comical way and is fun to listen to.


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The first blog I read was called ‘Be cool to the pizza delivery dude’ by Sarah Adams. Sarah Adams believes that you should be cool to the pizza delivery dude. She has four principles that she follows. They are “Coolness to the pizza delivery dude is a practice in humility and forgiveness, coolness to the pizza delivery dude is a practice in empathy, coolness to the pizza delivery dude is a practice in honor and it reminds me to honor honest work, and coolness to the pizza delivery dude is a practice in equality.” By following these principles, she helps herself learn to respect others and gets a lot out of it. I agree with her and feel that if you want to find a respectable person, you need to see how they treat the people who are beneath them. The second blog was called ‘Creating your own happiness’ by Wayne Coyne. Wayne Coyne believes that you should create your own happiness. He starts the blog with a story in which he notices two people in the freezing cold at a bus stop and he felt really bad for them because they were wearing torn coats and they must have been freezing. But then he noticed their faces and they looked like the happiest couple alive. It looked like they were having a laugh at a good joke. Wayne said after, he sow the couple really happy, “You know how a single moment can feel like an hour? Well, in that moment, I realized I had assumed this couple needed my pity, but they didn’t. I assumed things were all bad for them, but they weren’t and I understood we all have the power to make moments of happiness happen.” This shows that true happiness comes from within and it does not depend on material objects.

Success Series

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The success series that I liked the most is sex signals. Sex series was a dating and sexual assault awareness seminar. It was a bunch of funny skits that made a clear point, which was that don’t have sex under the influence. It did start off very funny and in a non series matter but then changed in to this factual presentation that made the point very clear. It was also made into an audience oriented presentation because they kept asking for advice and feedback on what to do in the next skit. They covered a wide range of subjects including issues surrounding dating, sex and date rape on college campuses. The only fault that I found was the length of the presentation other than that I would recommend this to all my friends. The second success series seminar that I attended was keep friendship alive. In this seminar they talked about parting small and not getting into drugs. It was presented by a girl who lost her brother to drink. First she started off by telling us all the little stories about her brother so that we felt connected with him, which helped us feel bad for him and leave doubts about alcohol and drugs in your mind. It was a well put together presentation although I found is very sad after words which I guessed was the point. I am glad in a way that it was required because I would not have gone otherwise. I also look forward to future presentations such as these.

One Week of Twitter

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Picture2One week of twitter thought me many things. When I first heard of a website like facebook where you can only post updates, I thought what a waste of time. I used to never bother posting updates on my facebook so why would I bother signing up for a website that just does that.

Then, I was forced to use twitter for a homework assignment in FYE Facebook and Beyond. That completely changed my view of twitter and I started going crazy with my tweets. At the end of the when I would go on twitter it also helped me see all that I did that whole day. This was great because I am one of those people, who does not remember what he had for lunch and twitter reminds me what all I have done.

Another thing that is great about twitter is not only can I see what I did during the day but also see what others have been up to. What I like the most is the fact that not only can you follow your classmates and friends but you can also follow famous people and you don’t have to ask them permission to follow them. This way you can see what everybody is up to and learn a lot about peoples personality.

Since Twitter is better than what I expected, I am going to continue to use it although it is still going to take some time to get used to. I am going to continue to tweet and keep following up on the news that everybody post.

Ropes Challenge Course

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Log ActivityThe first thing that we started out with was playing a name game, where we stood in a circle and threw a ball to a random person. Then, when we threw it we had to say “here you go… ” and say the person’s name and when they caught the ball they had to say “Thank you…” and say the person’s name. This helped us to learn each other’s name and made us get to know each other, which also helped us when we played other games later during the course. The next activity we did was that we all got on a log and we had to think of an animal. After picking our animals, we had to get all the animals in order from smallest to largest on the log and they told us we could not talk and the only noise we could make with each other is by using our animal noises. This thought us to communicate with each other. The last thing we did was a maze. Where we were blindfolded at the beginning and taken to the maze. There we were told to hold on to the rope and if we followed the rope we would find our way. You could only say two things am I good or can I have some help. And then we later found out that you had to ask for help that was the whole point.

This helped us learn our classmates’ names. The activities thought us team work and how to communicate well. W also learned that sometime times it is good to ask for help.

These activities had a lot to do with making connections because we worked out the human knot together and as a team. We also had to learn to communicate together and that helped us be connected.

Going back again will help us because how we know each other and can communicate better.

It will help you get along and work well with your employees, employer, coworkers, etc. You will than know how to work in a team and how to communicate.

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!